KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA – BELOVED LAND BELOVED COUNTRY is a remarkable body of ensemble projects envisioned to build collectively together into works that intend on making a positive, collective impact in the following ways.

These include (1) the creation of a feature length film to bring first-hand, personal accounts and voices of leaders past and present to audiences unfamiliar with ongoing work that Hawaiians have done and are continuing in community today; (2) an ʻAha ‘Āina Aloha, gathering of visual artists to create a touring mural to give audiences a visual manifestation of ʻike Hawaiʻi, insight and opportunity for healing; (3) concerts to highlight Queen Lili’uokalani’s musical legacy and love of the land through performances by accomplished musicians who also are poʻe Aloha ‘Āina; (4) video petition- He Hawai’i Au; and finally, (5) multi-media outreach that will bring educational information, truth-telling, reconciliation work through film and the arts to Hawaiian communities, Hawai’i’s broader community and beyond.


KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA, spoken in both Hawaiian and English, will be an important feature length film capturing first person, actual events from Hawaiian history along with contemporary voices about Hawaiian history from a Hawaiian perspective, about love for the land as mother, and love of country.  The film will capture authentic voices – working to uncover and deal with intergenerational and historical trauma and transition to what many are doing today to heal and move onward from a history of loss, displacement and cultural collapse. Through truthful telling of this history will ultimately be a kind of engaged healing that will offer a lot not only to the Hawaiian community through this process, but to all others who seek engaged dialogue and healing themselves.

ʻAHA ‘ĀINA ALOHA – meetings for all artists involved in this large work began August 25th and will continue (as smaller groups of kahu, dancers, musicians, writers et. als. gather) until the film is completed.  


This critical aspect of visual work for KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA – builds on earlier mural projects that have been done by a hui of professional artists to bring a new kind of visual conversation through line, color and paint to the medium of film. This piece will be created during the Aha Aloha ‘Āina and woven into the body of the film, to inspire and conjure other creatives in their ongoing work for KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA.  The mural will accompany the completed film with opportunities for communities statewide, after screenings, to view the traveling mural as part of efforts at assisting others in better comprehending the historical loss, horror, and trauma that faced Hawaiians earlier in their history, before the advent of photography.  The intent is to assist communities throughout the state in dealing with difficult emotional aspects of the past -forgiving and healing from what many consider intergenerational trauma, so that real healing can begin.


Hawaiʻi Kakou Mural 2011, Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 64ʻ x 10ʻ


The musical venues planned are  to (1) honor the Queenʻs legacy of musical composition and talent; (2) to bring attention to Hawaiian history; and (3) to add to the score and live-musical accompaniment for the film  KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA. Notables invited to perform will include a wide range of accomplished musicians and composers who will be asked to share songs of our ‘Āina Aloha, our beloved Queen, and of the Lāhui. Musical interviews and wide ranging opportunities for inspired musicianship will be captured similarly like other important works that have brought the plight and struggle of other peoples in their struggle for justice( see the film Amandla- A Revolution in Four Part Harmony, about South Africa’s successful Anti-aparthied movement and music’s contribution to changing history).  The queen herself was a prolific composer and musician as were her her siblings. Many of their songs and compositions are still sung in community today and will be highlighted during these concerts.


“HE HAWAI’I AU, I am Hawaiian” – is an important work accompanying the outreach for the film KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA.  It’s intention is to up-lift voices and solidarity within the Hawaiian community throughout not only ka pae ‘āina o Hawai’i, the state, but throughout ka honua,the world –  to enable those committed to beloved Hawaii, to becoming part of that collective voice by raising awareness of Hawai’i’s rich history and its important legacy of aloha to the world.

 He Hawaiʻi Au – YouTube link

THE OUTREACH for the film and ongoing work of HEALING: (Under development)

KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHAʻs outreach is ambitious, as multi-media and publicity platforms will be created to give access not only to film goers, but to the larger public interested in KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHAʻ s message of giving authentic voice to the truthful telling of history. Ongoing reclamation of cultural protocols and practices and affirmation of Hawaiians as they work to heal, forgive and move forward into the future. KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHAʻs work is to be a beacon to the people whose silence and long suffering have gone unheard. Workshops, ongoing readings, discussions and community dialogues will be convened so that those who want to engage in the work of healing and forgiveness will be able to do so. In partnership with the numerous organizations who have supported and funded this work comprehensive projects will tour in Hawaiian communities where ever Hawaiians live. This kind of work is beginning in many indigenous communities throughout the world.  Hawaiians have a great deal to contribute to this ongoing conversation of forgiveness, healing to envision a better future for all.

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