The Hawai’i State Library’s  statewide tour, He Lei He Aloha will be a first opportunity to share words from Queen Lili’uokalani taken from readings of Hawai’i’s Story By Hawai’i’s Queen,  from her music taken from the Queen’s Songbook and a vignette-film sketch of KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHA – BELOVED LAND, BELOVED COUNTRY.  He Lei He Aloha is supported by the State Library system in conjunction with Native Books / Na Mea Hawaii.  It will also be partnering with the Episcopal Church and the Iolani Guild to begin dialogue about Hawai’i’s history along with aspirations for understanding and beginning conversations about healing in the community.

Began September 15, 2013 and expected to run through the remainder of 2013. Check the He Lei He Aloha flyer or your local library for dates near you.


Look for KU’U ‘ĀINA ALOHAʻs blog by yearʻs end, updating you on activities, gatherings and exiting news about the film project.


Coming January 2014 – Concerts honoring the musical legacy of Queen Liliʻuokalani. Stay tuned for upcoming details.

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